In a time of signature architecture, when so many egos vie for attention and recognition, the work of Antonio Morello and Donato Savoie of Studio MORSA feels like a cool and refreshing breeze. Studio MORSA-designed spaces are arranged and developed thoughtfully, and, restful to the eye. At the same time, this team’s buildings and spaces--created over the last 30 years--in New York City, Japan, Argentina, Italy and in the Caribbean Islands, are firmly plugged into the spirit of our time. Add to that an uncanny eye for the “genius loci”, and you have the essence of Studio MORSA’s style: contemporary, yet aware of the past; regional, yet reflecting awareness of the larger world; impeccably detailed, yet full of surprises.

Behind the acronym MORSA you will discover two very different temperaments. Antonio Morello is the artist and bon vivant whose sensuality and sense for the dramatic flavors Studio MORSA’s work. Donato Savoie is the cooler, thoughtful intellectual of the team whose impeccably conceived designs form the basis of the partnership.

Vera Graaf
247 Centre Street,
New York, NY 10013

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